Dal Cero Family - Tenuta Montecchiesi

The Montecchiesi estate has belonged to the family since 1980, when the brothers Giuseppe and Dario, sons of the founder Augusto, attracted by the great Tuscan winemaking tradition, decided to devote themselves also to the production of great red wines, in an area of excellence for this type of wine.
It was a great challenge because to acquire this estate, they were forced to deprive themselves of the thing they cared about most: to get it, they were forced to sell part of the estate they had inherited from their father, Augustus.

Dal Cero Family - Tenuta Montecchiesi - Borgo Cortona
Dal Cero Family - Tenuta Montecchiesi - Cortona

Convinced of Cortona's wine-growing potential, they decided to plant new varieties of vineyards in addition to the existing Sangiovese, specialising in the grape variety that proved to be particularly suited to this land: Syrah.
Thanks to the insight and skills of the Dal Cero family, we have moved over time from the
initial territory to an area ten times as large and completely devoted to grapevine cultivation.


AN ORIGINAL IDEA Remarkable wines born from an ancient passion

When the Dal Cero family thinks of the future, it imagines something rooted in the past because that is what our grandfather taught our father, and that is what our father taught us, and that is what we will teach our children.
We are the land we cultivate and the wine we produce.

In Tenuta Montecchiesi, in Cortona, Tuscany, in an area indicated for its qualities, an ‘alberello’, bush-trained, cultivation project is underway. This type of breeding allows the plant to grow with an all-round exposure to light and sun.
The natural and spontaneous growth of the plant is made even freer by strictly manual processing without chemical additives.

It is a new way of looking back at past things, reinforcing them with today's knowledge, experience, and quality.
We wanted to take on an extra responsibility: we decided to guarantee the project's integrity with our word alone.

In recent years, we have specialised in producing unique, high-quality rosés by creating the Montecchiesi line in rosés. The labels that make it up? A classic method sparkling wine we have called Camelý, a rosé with intriguing and particularly fragrant notes called Miralý and finally a reserve from Syrah grapevines grown bush-trained and matured in wood Versý in rose.

The vineyards on the estate are at an altitude of between 260 and 350 metres above sea level. The soil is mainly clayey, which in virtue of the mild climate, can contribute to creating wines with considerable structure, very suitable for long ageing. The bush-trained Klanis vineyard, which represents the excellence of the Estate, is located on the hilltop.

The most common grape variety on the estate is Syrah, which is well suited to the microclimate of Cortona: hot summers and significant temperature differences between day and night. Other varieties are also cultivated on the estate, such as the indigenous Sangiovese, Vermentino, Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

The Syrah, which the Dal Cero family placed on this estate and which has found its ideal terrain here, has made it possible to produce a pure wine of exceptional quality: Klanis. Since its first appearance, this wine has achieved considerable international recognition. Another particularly popular production from these vineyards is our Versý in rose. Made from Syrah grapes with a touch of Vermentino, it is undoubtedly one of the most original and surprising labels in Dal Cero's production.

Dal Cero Family - Tenuta Montecchiesi - Rows
  • Dal Cero Family - Tenuta Montecchiesi - Soil

    From a lithological point of view, the soil is largely made up of clayey sands, sandstones, marls and schists, together with the presence of fluvial-lacustrine deposits, clays, and groundwater debris are the most important evidence of the hydrogeological past of the Cortona area. They are generally not very calcareous, and they boast an optimal balance between clays, silt, and sands of different sizes.

  • Dal Cero Family - Tenuta Montecchiesi - Climate

    The area's geomorphology, with discrete hills, guarantees constant ventilation even in the hottest and driest seasons. The mild climate, even in winter, is due to the proximity of Lake Trasimeno, which has a mitigating effect on the area.

  • Dal Cero Family - Tenuta Montecchiesi - Grapes

    Syrah, Sangiovese, Vermentino, Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

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