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Dal Cero Family - Dal Cero in Valpolicella

Love for the land of origin is the driving force behind the project in Valpolicella by the third generation of the Dal Cero family.

Located on the borders of Soave and Roncà growing areas, Valpolicella region showcases an absolutely unique geological structure.

Valpolicella’s soil is composed of limestone calcareous marls such as Biancone and Scaglia Rossa that usually appear in white or pinkish shades, a peculiar composition that makes it suitable mostly for indigenous grapes like Corvina, Rondilella and Molinara: grapes that are among the most widespread varieties, as well as also representing the necessary varieties for the production of Valpolicella Wines.

The singular production methods that were born in this region, particularly in regard to the grape’s appassimento, or the natural drying, brought about true marvels like Amarone, the most prestigious wine of the region.

Dal Cero Family - Dal Cero in Valpolicella - Castelletto
Dal Cero Family - Dal Cero in Valpolicella - Estate

An area with unique geographical and geological characteristics: a natural terrace overlooking the city of Verona.


A TERRITORY OF TRADITION Great wines that bear the signature of modernity

With the launch of this project, the Dal Cero family has consolidated the values set in 1934 by grandfather Augusto at the time of the foundation: respect for the values of the land, sustainability of the territory, personal assessment of the quality of the land and its potential.

This is why Davide, Nico and Francesca Dal Cero have put their signature on the labels. This emphasises how important this challenge is: to be a leading player in an area with a high vocation such as Valpolicella with a distinctive and important voice in terms of drinkability and flavour.

We are located in the eastern part of Valpolicella on a natural terrace overlooking the city of Verona. This is an area with unique characteristics where three different types of soil, limestone whites, opaque blacks of volcanic origin and a mix of the two, combine extraordinarily.

Corvina, corvinone, rondinella, molinara grown according to the traditional method of pergola veronese and a small part guyot.

The traditional “Appassimento”, raisining, method characterises the wines produced on this estate.

Dal Cero Family - Dal Cero in Valpolicella - Rows
  • Dal Cero Family - Dal Cero in Valpolicella - Soil

    It is a rather complex amalgam of volcanic, limestone and composite soils. In the higher areas, the concentration varies, favouring a mineral-rich composition.

  • Dal Cero Family - Dal Cero in Valpolicella - Climates

    The constant ventilation allows the soil to dry out considerably. Mild climate due to the proximity of Lake Garda.

  • Dal Cero Family - Dal Cero in Valpolicella - Grapes

    Corvina, corvinone, rondinella, molinara

Dal Cero
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